It is easy to shop online for earrings and necklaces but less so for bracelets and rings because they need to be sized.

We have six different sizes for our rings and bracelets.

We are making Koloa Jewellery specifically for Pacific sizing so we should have a piece to fit you.

Please check the chart before you order either of these products to make sure you are selecting a piece that will fit.


The rings are 9mm high and 3mm wide. They are available in the following sizes: 

XS = Internal diameter 16.1mm; UK size K1/2; USA size 5.5 

S = Internal diameter 16.9mm; UK size M1/2; USA size 6.5

M = Internal diameter 18.1mm; UK size P1/2; USA size 8

L = Internal diameter 18.9mm; UK size R1/2; USA size 9

XL = Internal diameter 20.2mm; UK size U1/2; USA size 10.5

XXL = Internal diameter 21mm; UK size W1/2; USA size 11.5



The bracelets vary by size, the bigger the internal diameter the narrower they are and the thinner they are.

XS =

S =

M =

L =

XL =



Please contact us if you have any questions.