Pele 003
Pele 003

Pele 003

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Our Pele earrings are our more 'perfectly imperfect' earrings that may have a slightly more obvious flaw but they are still beautiful. We polled our followers who were happy to still purchase such perfectly imperfect beauties, some suggesting at a slight lower price.

We don't like to waste any of what we make because of the hours of labour and artistry and skill involved, so let's see how this goes 😊😊😊

All our earrings are made by hand. They are unique and intended to showcase the skill of Pacific artisans. These contain ngatu, painted Tongan barkcloth.

Any imperfections are part of the natural handmade process and add to the uniqueness.

These earrings are about 6cm in length.

All our findings are hypoallergenic.