Tauhi vā 01

Tauhi vā 01

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Tauhi vā is the wisdom to cultivate and nurture the layers of connection we share with one another. 

These show the two crossing layers of feta'aki that strengthen a ngatu. The top painted lau'olunga layer has floral cutouts added to reveal the unpainted laulalo layer.

Floral cutouts are a reminder of the fragrant garlands and hair/ear pieces often worn by the many makers who gather to paste together the piece that will make a ngatu. Their stories, songs and laughter are infused in the fibres as they work and this regular gathering provides a valuable space for community relationships.

One of the pair is Umea (clay paint) and one is Tongo (mangrove paint) to intentionally highlight the coming together of two entities when we tauhi vā.

Part of the Tupu'anga project, we are proud to share this pair of earrings. Each pair is handcrafted by Koloa Jewellery and showcases natural materials that have been grown, gathered, prepared and conoketed by IVI Designs.

These earrings are 7cm long, the resin piece is 4cm long.

A portion of the sale will return to the Kingdom of Tonga to support projects focused on growing, nourishing, teaching and creating quality koloa.

All findings are hypoallergenic.