Confetti Koloa

This collection is made up of statement pieces filled with our Koloa Confetti and gold flakes.

The confetti comes from ngatu and tapa that have been gifted to our family through our close ties with our local Tongan community across Auckland, Tonga, and the wider Pacific. The exchange of koloa is part of the traditional life cycle of ngatu and tapa.

We repurpose these wonderful works of ngatu art when they are no longer fit for exchange at birthdays, weddings and other important milestones. They then start their new life, transformed into personal adornments that connect you with a long cultural history.

There are four pieces in our Confetti Koloa Collection. Each one-of-a-kind piece is named after four of our muse/matriarch's aunties. Like their namesakes these are powerful, timeless pieces which can be passed down from generation to generation, connecting the wearer to multiple ngatu, carrying multiple histories of exchange over years of ceremony and celebration.

Each piece sold contributes to supporting female social enterprise in the Kingdom of Tonga.

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