Koloa is the Tonga word for treasure. It encompasses aspects of Tongan art that have a long history in Tongan culture that play an important role in Tongan society, such as ngatu (mulberry cloth), known as tapa elsewhere in the Pacific and fala (fine, woven mats). Ngatu and fala are exchanged at significant events including weddings, births and deaths. They are handmade by women and decorated with patterns and symbols. The design always tells a story about their origin and linkage to a specific time or place. An extremely time intensive process, each ngatu or fala represents the work of many women over many months. Koloa Jewellery is a new interpretation of these Tongan art forms. It recognises the skill and artistry required to produce them by showcasing the intricacies of the work in a more intimate format, that of personal adornment. Our koloa can be worn and admired by many, allowing it to be seen and appreciated by a broader audience than before. The pieces of Koloa Jewellery also enable individuals who wear them to carry a small piece of Tongan history. We believe we are helping to preserve these incredible pieces of art so that another generation can enjoy, value and share them, not only Tongans but all people of the Pacific.