Tupu'anga: Koloa Jewellery + IVI Designs

We are excited to working with the talented crew at IVI Designs on a project that gives back to the beautiful Kingdom of Tonga.

Tupu'anga is a creative collaboration with IVI Designs to celebrate connection, reflect on origins, share learning and nurture growth within families and community. A portion of the proceeds will support efforts to grow, process, teach and create quality koloa in Tonga - nourishing the roots of koloa practices.

The collection reflects five core values that foster well-being in the family and community:

  • Faka'apa'apa - respect
  • 'Ofa/anga'ofa - love, kindness
  • Lototō - humility
  • Tauhi vā - relationship care
  • Mamahiimea - passion, loyalty

Each piece will be identified with the name of one of these values and a number.

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