Melino 03

Melino 03

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Ever since an Israeli soldier told Palestinian artists in 1980 to stop painting the colours of their flag, even if it was to draw a watermelon, the fruit has become a symbol of resistance. A percentage of the proceeds go to: to help on the ground.

This stunning pair of earrings were painted with contemporary and traditional paints by Tui Emma Gillies. They have then been encased in resin by Koloa Jewellery.

Umea, a dye made of red clay from Falevai Village in Vava’u Tonga is used alongside beautiful bright colours. The feta’aki was grown and beaten by local women in Tongatapu.

This pair of earrings is approximately 6cm in length.

All our findings are hypoallergenic or stainless steel.

Any imperfections are to be expected with handmade items and add to their uniqueness and authenticity.